Pssst…Cape St. Claire Residents,
We have a special offer just for you!

If you live in the community of Cape St. Claire in Annapolis, MD, chances are you have a well that supplies water to your home. Did you know it’s good practice to test the water in your well at least once per year? Approximately one-third of all wells fail the water test. Isn’t it time to find out what’s in your water?


As the weather becomes warmer, the potential for bacteria growth in your well increases. Now is the perfect time to test the bacteria levels.


*For a limited time, Hague Quality Water of Maryland is offering a $29 bacteria test ($79 value) for Cape St. Claire residents to test their well water. Samples can be drawn on Wednesday and lab results will be shared as they are available.

It’s time to test your well water!

Request a test before July 31, 2018 and save $50 off the regular price!