The Cost of Bad Well Water

She extracted the stained shirt from the washer and shook her head in disgust at the now orange tinged white dress shirt, tossing it, like several before, into the nearby trash can. Swish! She believed her aim was getting better than it should be. “I guess I’ll check the sale flyers this weekend”. Another thirty (or more) bucks down the drain—literally.

Money laundering

One estimate puts a family’s cost of bad well water at almost $87/month. The cost to a family just to replace ruined clothing can average $50-$150 monthly, 30% of which can be eliminated with better water quality. But that’s only one of the costs incurred by a family in a home with poor well water quality. In a home with hard well water energy efficiency will suffer greatly, accounting for 20-30% of a family’s monthly utility bill. The cost to use things that must blend with the water—drink mixes, coffee, soup, etc.—can be reduced by nearly 25%. A dramatic savings of 75% of the family’s cost for soaps and cleaning products can be achieved simply by softening the water. Additionally, there are the costs of ruined appliances and plumbing, and anyone who has had to replace a dishwasher or clothes washer recently knows how expensive that can be.

I’m certain that if their family car had a hole in its gas tank and they were wasting money in leaked gasoline, they’d get that hole fixed immediately. Why not stop ‘bleeding’ money from their water? I’ve had people tell me that they’ve just gotten used to it (you really shouldn’t have to and certainly don’t need to ‘get used to’ bad water) or that they just don’t know there is an alternative.

Not all well water is the same, and therefore not all water treatment solutions are the same. Water Quality Association Certified Water Specialists are trained to analyze water—often for free—and to recommend solutions that are appropriate for your well water characteristics. They can even make sure your existing treatment system is working properly and efficiently.

Most families cannot afford to literally throw money down the drain. Stop the cost of bad water! For more information call (410) 757-2992 or email tkinnane@haguewaterofmd.com

Tom Kinnane, Certified Water Specialist Level VI

Hague Quality Water of Maryland