The Truth About Hard vs. Soft Water

The Truth About Hard vs. Soft Water The Earth’s surface is comprised of about 71% water, and our bodies are made up of about 60% water. How is it that something that is so common can have such a variety of properties? Have you heard people say that they have hard water or soft water?
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Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Bathroom

Looking to update your bathroom? Use some of the following eco-friendly ideas to help conserve the environment but stay stylish at the same time.   Deciding to make your bathroom more eco-friendly is an admirable choice; you’ll improve not only your ecological footprint but your own health as well. The first thing to remember is
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Plumbing: Recognizing Problems and Taking Preventative Measures

It can sometimes be difficult for inexperienced homeowners to determine if their plumbing is up to standard, especially for those that have never had the responsibility of home ownership. As an apartment renter, if the pipes were to burst, you could simply call the landlord. Many homeowners get their first bit of shock when the
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