Ozone Air Purification

The Best In Ozone Air Purification For Your Home or Office

Do you know the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says the air you breathe indoors can be 4 to 40 times worse than the air outside? Considering the amount of time most people spend indoors, it makes sense to invest in clean air. Even so, many people are not aware of the contaminants in their air.

Ozone Air Purification offers whole home air purifying system to eliminate household odors and airborne microbes.

Our systems work using a combination of ozone and ultraviolet light. Ozone amplifies the effects by increasing the air flow throughout duct-work. Working with the HVAC system, the entire building’s air is treated simultaneously.

Even areas where there is minimal or no air current, including the corners of carpets, drapes, furniture and under the bed, can be cleaned using ozone. As a result, the output is odorless and breathable air.

Ozone Air Purification Benefits:

  • Freshens air
  • Reduces airborne contaminants
  • Eliminates odors
  • Easy to maintain
  • Out-of-sight inside the ventilation system
  • Energy efficient
  • Safe and quiet

Whether you are treating your home or office, Hague Quality Water of Maryland has a solution.

  • Residential Use: AirWaves works silently and continuously whenever the heating or cooling system is on.
  • Commercial Use: ComAir 20T provides germicidal and odor protection through the centralized HVAC system.
Ozone Air Purification- Airwaves

AirWaves for residential use.

Ozone Air Purification- ComAir

ComAir 20T for commercial use.








Looking for a single room solution?

The ZAP room air purifier is a simple solution. It uses the same purification system with a combination of ozone and ultraviolet light.

ZAP Room Purifier:Ozone Air Purification- Small Spaces

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Timer Controlled

It is especially useful for odor and smoke control, mold remediation and fire and smoke damage remediation.

Contact us in Annapolis and Ocean City to learn more about ozone treatment in Maryland and to discover how ozone can provide your home or office with the purest air.

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