Reverse Osmosis

The Hague H6500 Reverse Osmosis has extended the living “GREEN” concept to the drinking water in your home. The H6500 Reverse Osmosis drinking water system is a highly efficient reverse osmosis unit that typically removes 97-98% of dissolved solids from your water. In conjunction with the H6500’s efficiency, the use of reverse osmosis negates the need for bottled water and thereby reduces the amount of plastics bottles in our landfills.

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Refine & clean your water while reducing waste from plastic water bottles. Find out how a reverse osmosis solution can help!

Water: Your Home’s Most Precious Resource!

The real flavor of water refreshes and satisfies. Unfortunately, in today’s environment, enjoying a drink of water may not be as simple as filling your glass from the tap. Even water treated by an approved municipal water system, the refreshing taste you enjoy is often marred by minerals, organic matter, or chlorine.


Even better, the new H6500 Next Generation Reverse Osmosis drinking water system Reverse Osmosis is a filtration process that improves the quality of water. The H6500 reduces contaminants found in a household’s water supply such as: Arsenic (Pentavalent) <=50 ppb, Barium, Cadmium, Cyst, Fluoride, Chromium (Hexavalent), Lead, TDS, Chromium (Trivalent), Nitrate/Nitrite, Radium 226/228 and Selenium.

Product Features:

Have a positive impact on the environment. Using a H6500 RO reduces landfill waste and saves you money by eliminating costly bottled water!

  • Designed for maximum water cleaning efficiency with no operating costs except for periodic replacement of disposable filters
  • Exclusive Hague permeate pump technology for high efficiency and quieter operation
  • Efficient on water pressure as low as 30 psi
  • Non-electric operation
  • Up to 33% more tank pressure for increase flow and volume
  • Fills holding tank up to 5 times faster than other systems
  • Membrane technology consistently reduces up to 99% of total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Includes a long-reach dispensing spigot with air gap
  • Completely pre-tested with a 25-year limited warranty

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Reverse Osmosis: Live GREEN With Clean Drinking Water

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