Cool Down With A Bottleless Cooler!

Summer Is Here And Things Are Heating UP!

Wellsys USA coolers, our premier product, feature nine stages of purification! Through this high tech solution, we can meet your specific requirements. As a result, your water is cleaner, healthier, better tasting water.

Choose from standalone and countertop models—each ready to provide the BEST water.

Studies show that people need more fluids during the warm summer months, even your office staff. Do you have enough capacity from your water cooler? It’s the perfect time to add another bottleless water cooler.

Plus, get $5 off* the monthly rental cost of a second cooler. That’s a savings of $180 for a typical three year agreement.

Get Started Today!

* $5 discount applies to a 36-month rental agreement for customer accounts with at least one cooler account in good standing. Offer expires August 31, 2019.