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What’s the big deal about Fluoride in Water?

What’s the big deal about Fluoride: Part I Your dentist tells you it is important to protect the enamel on your teeth. Reducing tooth decay may be a positive outcome of fluoride in water, but did you know that too much fluoride exposure is harmful to your health? The main source of exposure to fluoride,
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City Water Contamination

City Water Contamination: Is Your Water As Clean As You Think? City Water Health Access to clean, safe water is not something to take for granted. There are thousands of potential contaminants threatening the quality of your city or municipal water, and the infrastructure may not always keep up. Incidents like the lead contamination in
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Water Heater Recall

Ultra-Low NOx Water Heaters Recalled The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) recently issued a recall of the AO Smith Ultra-Low NOx Water Heater. This recall includes 30, 40 and 50 gallon natural or propane gas-fired Ultra-Low NOx emission gas water heaters The Hazard The primary concern, according to the CPSC, is a default in the
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Well Testing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Well Testing Do you own or rent a home with water supplied by a well? Do you know the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends testing the water in your well at least once per year? At Hague Quality Water of Maryland (Hague) we take well testing seriously. For over 25 years,
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Water Worries: Why Your Drinking Water Is Funky or Foul

What’s Wrong With Your Water? Do you have water worries at your home or office? Ever wonder why your drinking water is funky? Does your water smell bad or taste bad? Our new infographic shows the steps to determine what’s wrong with your drinking water. Need more information? Contact us today.  

Hague’s Top 5 “Good Water” YouTube Videos

This blog post is best enjoyed when you’re ready for an online video fix. Instead of getting lost in a myriad of cat videos and practical jokes, take a few minutes to learn more about drinking water. It’s time to take a mental journey to YouTube. You’ll be glad you did! Here’s our list of
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How a Water Cooler makes your office happy

Does your office provide drinking water through a water cooler or do you drink water from the tap at your office? Keep reading to uncover differences in the quality of water from the tap, a bottled water cooler and a bottleless water cooler! Think Twice About Tap Water If you’re still drinking tap water at
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Maryland Water Violations Affect 31% of State’s Population

Is Your Maryland Water Contaminated? The subject of water contamination in municipal, also known as city water, has been a continuing top news story. Considering the lead contamination in Flint, Michigan and the chemical spill in West Virginia, both in 2014, the health of our drinking water is a serious concern. The magazine for Water
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3 Reasons For Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters have a life span of 10-12 years. Much like any home appliance, it will stop working one day without much notice. The older the appliance, the more likely you could have a water heater failure. A leaky water heater not only leaves you without hot water, but you can end up with damage
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What’s Wrong With The Ocean City Water?

Are There Contaminants In your Ocean City Water? When was the last time you considered contaminants in your Ocean City water supply? Does the failure of the water supply systems in recent news have you rethinking your home’s water in Ocean City? Regulated vs. Unregulated Contaminants The town’s most recently published annual water quality report is
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