Are you taking your neighbors medicine?

Most of us are somewhat aware of the most common contaminants found in municipal drinking water systems – lead, heavy metals, e. Coli and other bacteria, ammonia, and sediment. Some contaminants are relatively benign and affect only taste or smell, while others are quite dangerous to our health, particularly for young kids and expectant mothers.
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Is Your Fridge Water Filter Good Enough?

Many fridges have filters for ice and drinking water. Today, we’ll explore if you really need a fridge filter and how they stack up against the competition. How Fridge Filters Work Residential refrigerator models are commonly equipped with ice and water dispensers as well as filters for the water that travels through them. But is
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Is Your Tap Water Causing Water Heater Problems?

Water quality can negatively affect water heater function and durability. Let’s take a look at the facts and strategies for protecting your heater. How Tap Water Quality Affects Your Water Heater Tucked away in a closet or basement corner by itself, the water heater is one of the most expensive and crucial elements of the
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Do You Need to Worry about VOCs in Your Water Supply?

Volatile Organic Chemicals form a vital element of many commercial and residential products. But once in the water supply, they can become very problematic. How Volatile Organic Chemicals Get in Your Water Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) are chemical compounds that contain carbon and evaporate easily when exposed to air. These compounds come in a wide
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Is There Lead in Your Maryland Tap Water?

Lead in your tap water is not only possible, but also very dangerous. Learn more about the lead in Maryland’s public water and how to keep your family safe. Lead in Maryland’s Public Water System Though its use as a plumbing material stretches back thousands of years, we now know that even a small amount
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Understand the Benefits of Water Softeners

Benefits of Water Softeners What do you know about having a water softener? Are water softeners necessary? Have you ever considered the hard or soft nature of your home’s water? Most of us know the benefits of having a water filter, but water softener benefits are not widely understood. Softer water may seem necessary to
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New Concerns for Bottled Water

Plastic Particles Found In Bottled Water Bottled water is convenient. Even more, bottled water companies promote a clean, healthy lifestyle associated with drinking water. At the end of a sporting event, participants often receive bottled water to hydrate and cool down. Tourists purchase bottled water at scenic landmarks and beaches. But, what if the water
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Understanding Iron Bacteria

Understanding Iron Bacteria Iron Bacteria is a common issue for homes with well water. The bacteria “slime” is not a health hazard but it can cause other problems. Iron Bacteria are small living organisms that naturally occur in soil, shallow groundwater, and surface waters. These nuisance bacteria combine iron  and oxygen to form deposits of “rust,” bacterial cells, and a slimy material that adheres
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7 Facts About Water Softeners That Will Keep You Up At Night

If you’ve ever had trouble with hard water in your home, you know the benefit of installing a water softening system. To many homeowners accustomed to municipal water, maintaining a home water softening system can seem like a daunting task. Sound familiar? It’s time to tame your water treatment fears! Read on to learn the
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Water Worries: Why Your Drinking Water Is Funky or Foul

What’s Wrong With Your Water? Do you have water worries at your home or office? Ever wonder why your drinking water is funky? Does your water smell bad or taste bad? Our new infographic shows the steps to determine what’s wrong with your drinking water. Need more information? Contact us today.