Why You Should Upgrade Your Home’s Water Treatment System

Selecting the right water treatment system is vital for your health and comfort. Water contaminated with heavy metals, pathogens, and other dangerous contaminants could be hazardous for your health. Even something as common as hard water, which affects millions of people each year, can irritate your skin and turn your hair brittle. That’s why so many
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Why Water Treatment is Affordable

Whole house water treatment can seem like a big investment, but consider the savings and improvements from adding a system to your home. In most cases, water treatment is affordable when examining time, money and health over the long term. Do you need water treatment for your home? For homeowners served by residential wells, the
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How Does The EPA Establish Dangerous Water Contaminants?

Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established guidelines for over 90 different dangerous water contaminants? Did you ever wonder how these guidelines are determined? The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), first established in 1974, directed the EPA to take measures to ensure that Americans have access to safe public drinking water.
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Water Bacteria & The Best Filters to Remove Bacteria

Bacteria are common microorganisms and can be found just about anywhere. Right now, bacteria can be found on your skin, in your digestive tract, and on many of the surfaces around your home. Most bacteria are harmless and even beneficial to you. However, some water-borne bacteria can actually be very dangerous and should be filtered
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Do You Know When To Hire A Water Treatment Professional?

There are many options and resources for DIY projects these days so it makes sense to hear about homeowners taking on major projects themselves. Saving money along the way makes the reward of completing a project even sweeter. From products to tools to installation, understanding all the pieces of the project will help you discover
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Health Effects of Pesticides in Your Water

Dangerous pesticides could make their way into your water, causing irreparable harm. Think about what pesticides do: they kill bugs. They are chemicals meant to harm. And while many of the pesticides you use around the home may not be particularly deadly to humans in small amounts, prolonged or high exposure can be dangerous. Worse
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How much lead is in DC water?

Water in Washington DC comes from the Potomac River. It is treated by DC Water at the Washington Aqueduct to provide clean water to the residents and employees of the area. While the water company makes every effort to remove lead before it leaves the plant, older pipes installed in the 1950s-1970s contain lead that
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The Dangers of Arsenic in Your Home Water and How to Protect Your Family

Does the word “arsenic” leave a dirty taste in your mouth? It should. Arsenic is a dangerous chemical and has plagued Americans for years. Arsenic can be found in food, pesticides, and yes, your water. It’s critical to remove arsenic from your water to ensure your family’s health. Fortunately, arsenic pesticides are now banned and
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Could Hard Water and Chlorine Be Making Your Dry Winter Skin Worse?

Winter is well underway and many people across Maryland are dealing with dry skin. The weather alone is enough to dry out skin with the cold temperatures. It might be hard to believe at first, but water tends to evaporate from your skin more quickly during the winter. That’s because of low humidity levels. And
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PFAS Chemicals in Drinking Water Making Headlines Around the Country

At Hague Quality Water of Maryland, we always keep an eye out for current developments when it comes to drinking water and health. If you’ve been doing the same, then you’ve probably heard about the on-going concerns over PFAS chemicals, which have been linked to cancer and other health problems. PFAS chemicals are all around
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