What’s In Your Untreated City Water?

Unfortunately, the city water coming out of your tap might not always be safe to drink. Sometimes, there are issues at the local water treatment plant. Often, an issue arises as the water travels from the plant to your tap. For example, heavy metals or sediments might leak into your water. If the water reaches
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How Do Water Softeners Work?

Does your water taste bad or leave white scale? Does your soap fail to suds up or do your appliances seem to break down far too often? If so, you might have hard water. Hard water contains more minerals than your typical soft drinking water. These minerals will almost certainly affect the taste and quality
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Why Tap Water Leaves the Plant Clean But Arrives At Your Tap Contaminated

Many people are rightly worried about the drinking water coming straight out of their taps. Unfortunately, much of the United States has an aging water pipe system that is in desperate need of repair and replacement. Often, water is leaving the water processing plant clean but arrives at your home filled with contaminants, including lead,
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What’s Your Water Problem?

Do you know what’s wrong with your water? While most water troubles are best left to a water treatment expert to identify, you can get a head start of finding possible reasons for your water problems. Problem water usually has an unpleasant odor, looks dirty or discolored, or tastes different. Oftentimes, the feeling problem water
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The Harmful Health Effects of Having Iron in Your Drinking Water

Even if the water coming out of your tap looks crystal clear, it could be loaded with heavy metals and other contaminants, including ferrous iron. Many of our customers are surprised when their water filters are changed for the first time and they realize just how loaded their water was with iron, clay, and other
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Top 5 Reasons to Switch to a Bottleless Cooler

Chesapeake Cooler Company’s bottleless cooler solutions really are better: Better than bottles Better than tap Better than bottle delivery What makes water from a bottleless cooler better? It’s drinking water that’s good for you and good for the planet. Our water coolers to provide clean, crisp, healthy, refreshing, hydrating, and consistent quality water. Chesapeake Cooler
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Pros and Cons of UV Filtration

Regardless of your water source, contaminants can enter your home’s water. Homeowners with private wells are versed in the need to treat their water prior to use, but homes with municipal or “city” water can also be susceptible to contaminants that enter the water after it leaves the water plant. Treating and removing contaminants is
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FAQs About City Water Testing

Are you relying on city water in Montgomery or Prince George’s County, Maryland? Or anywhere else in Maryland, for that matter? If so, you should test your water at least once per year. While water often leaves the local processing plants clean, you could inadvertently be exposed to heavy metals and other contaminants owing to
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Effects of Chromium in Water 

Unfortunately, the water coming out of your tap may be contaminated with various heavy metals and other pollutants. This is especially true if you’re relying on city water in Maryland. Even if the water is leaving the water processing plant clean, it may be contaminated by old or leaking pipes and the like. One of the
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Water pH and Your Plumbing

Pure water should have a neutral pH level. Unfortunately, the water that enters your home is not always pH neutral. In some cases, water is highly acidic and in other cases, water is more alkaline. What does that mean for your home’s plumbing? Let’s start with an understanding of pH. What is pH pH stands
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