Four Benefits of High Quality Water

No one likes turning on the tap to find that their water smells of sulfur or has an unpleasant taste. Poor water quality isn’t just a matter of taste or aesthetics; it can also affect your health and finances. Improving water quality with water purification systems and water softeners can reduce your chance of illness
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The Top Five Things You Need to Know About Water Filtration

  Bottled vs. Filtered Water There has been much debate about the quality of water you get right out of the tap. This debate fueled the bottled water industry and paved the way for people to pay for water in plastic bottles. However, in recent years, people are starting to understand drinking bottled water from
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How Drinking More Filtered Water Can Improve Your Health

Why Filtered Water Is Better For Your Health Our bodies consist primarily of water. We need water to survive, and it is essential you drink plenty of water every day. When we do not drink a sufficient amount of water, our bodies start to dehydrate. While some people might say they dislike drinking water, and
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History of Water Filtration

Water filtration is an essential part of the water treatment process to make water safe for drinking. The earliest forms of water filters can be traced back some 4,000 years ago. During this time, people believed if the water looked clear, it was safe for drinking. However, this tended to result in various forms of
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How Can Drinking Clean, Filtered Water Save You Money?

In the past several decades, the demand for bottled water has soared as people have gone in search of cleaner water.  However, in recent years, bottled water manufacturers have come under fire as many manufacturers have been found to be bottling tap water, and of those that are using spring water, many of those sources
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Why a Water Softener System Will Not Remove All Forms of Iron

One common misconception people have about water softener systems is that they will remove all forms of iron from the water. Softener systems are designed to attract positively charged ions like magnesium (Mg+2) and calcium (Ca+2). These two minerals constitute the majority of “hardness” in your water. A water softener will also remove ferrous iron
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How to Keep Water at Home or Work Safe

With the recent events in Flint, Michigan on everyone’s mind, people are starting to question how truly safe their water is in their homes and businesses. In Maryland the Water Treatment facilities tap into a variety of different sources, including aquifers, rivers, and reservoirs, each presenting its own set of potential contaminants. The Safe Water
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The Effects of Drinking Contaminated Water and/or Dirty Water(Updated 3/19/2018)

Drinking contaminated water sources and/or dirty water can cause numerous health concerns. Read more to increase your awareness. Water contamination can occur to city water supplies, well water supplies, and fresh water sources, such as lakes, streams, and rivers. Consuming contaminated water can cause numerous effects. Are you concerned about contaminants in your home’s water?
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Is it time for a new Sanitary Water Proof Well Cap?

With 2+ Feet of snow on the ground this week, and several run ins with some nasty critters in wells, I’m going to take a minute to talk about upgrading your well cap.  If you have an older home your well cap probably looks something like this:

Old Style Well Cap


It may be all PVC, and prettier, but the style of head is what i’m really referring to.  It has a solid cap that is tightened to the well casing. This style of cap (silver portion) is not water tight or bug free, as you can see below.  This is a cap I recently inspected in Cape Saint Claire, MD.  The underside of the cap had spiders and bugs nested within.  They had gained access from the seams and the electrical conduit line.

Crazy Critters

So whats the answer?

Water Proof / Sanitary Well caps.  These caps have a gasket that forms a seal on the casing to prevent water intrusion during heavy snow and flooding, they can also be sealed to prevent bugs from crawling in and contaminating your water supply

 Sanitary Well Cap


Water proof well cap

If You are handy and comfortable working with electricity and plumbing, you could probably replace the cap for around $50-60 in parts.  If you would rather turn to the pros, were here to help. Give us a call 410-757-2992

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