The Dangerous Effect of Coal-Powered Plants on Drinking Water Quality

The poisonous discharge of coal-powered plants has a disturbing effect on the quality of drinking water. Power plant discharge accounts for approximately one-third of toxic environmental pollution. Coal-fired power plants release enormous quantities of toxic metals, amounting up to millions of tons annually. The list of heavy metals includes mercury, arsenic, selenium, thallium, and cadmium.
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The Importance of Proper Wastewater Disposal

The Importance of Proper Wastewater Disposal Untreated sewage is a serious concern for our health and the environment. Sewage, which is wastewater produced by residential units, businesses, and industries, contains human waste that carries a multitude of bacteria and viruses. When untreated sewage flows into natural bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and oceans,
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The EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory Report (And What It Means for Your Water)

If you have hazardous chemicals in your community, you deserve to know. U.S. facilities must report the management of chemicals that could pose a health risk to people and the environment. The information that these facilities submit enters the Toxics Release Inventory, and it is available to the public. If you’re still unsure about what
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Why You Should Be Concerned About Haloacetic Acids (HAA5) in Your Water

Haloacetic acids are byproducts that occur during the chlorination of water – a procedure used by water treatment plants, such as the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). These byproducts form when the chlorine used to disinfect water reacts with organic matter. The most common haloacetic acids in drinking water are monochloracetric acid (MCA), dichloracetric acid
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High-Tech Plumbing Trends That Will Improve Your Home

If it’s been awhile since you looked at options for your home’s plumbing, now is a great time to learn more. From bathrooms to kitchens, and even plumbing fixtures you don’t see like irrigation systems, there are many advances in technology that benefit you. Ease of use is a top consideration for plumbing advancements. Who
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The New Clean Water Act Ruling Could Impact Your Drinking Water

The recent amendments to the Clean Water Act that have come into effect under the President’s administration narrow the definition of what constitutes as “waters of the United States.” Practically, this removes federal protection from many water sources and means that states have less authority when authorizing projects such as pipelines and other energy projects
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EPA Releases Fact Sheets Regarding Perchlorate in Drinking Water

The EPA has released two fact sheets that may indicate that a federal drinking water standard for perchlorate isn’t necessary. In the first fact sheet, Reductions of Perchlorate in Drinking Water, they found that compared to data released in 2001-2005, levels of perchlorate appear to be declining. They theorize that this is due to drinking
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Bayer to Pay $10 Billion to Settle Cancer Lawsuits

A recent legal settlement has left Bayer responsible for $10 billion to settle several cancer lawsuits and liabilities across the country. Bayer bought Monsanto a couple of years ago with the goal of benefiting financially from the sale of the wildly popular weed killer called Roundup. It has taken just a little over two years
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The EPA Eases Enforcement

The Trump administration has recently announced that it will ease the enforcement of environmental regulations for companies. This decision came about as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which some facilities report has adversely affected their ability to comply with the rules. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a memo that laid out its
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The Growing Problem of Toxic Algae Invading Lakes

Harmful algae invading local lakes in Maryland can pose several health threats to animals and people if consumed. This contaminated water can find its way into your drinking water, which is why Hague Quality Water of Maryland offers effective water treatment solutions to help you protect yourself and your family. Let’s take a look at
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