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Hague Quality Water of Maryland’s plumbers can assist with your emergency plumbing or your maintenance needs including:

  • Whole House Plumbing inspection to detect leaks or clogs
  • Service for Water Heaters, Garbage Disposals, Drain Cleaning, and Pump maintenance
  • Upgrades for efficiency to save money and meet energy compliance rules.

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Does your water heater meet National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAEC) compliance enacted in 2015? Our expert plumbers can recommend replacement options and get you on the path to energy savings. Call us at (410)757-2992.

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It can sometimes be difficult for inexperienced homeowners to determine if their plumbing is up to standard, especially for those that have never had the responsibility of home ownership. As an apartment renter, if the pipes were to burst, you could simply call the landlord. Many homeowners get their first bit of shock when the pipes burst and they’re suddenly the ones responsible for repairs. Read more here.

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