Improve Your Water With Annapolis Water Softeners

Your family deserves the very best water for their home. While many water softeners do the job of providing safe water to drink and use, the Annapolis water softeners from Hague are different! Our Annapolis water softeners treat multiple water problems with one system.

Why use a Home Water Softener?

The basic function of our Annapolis water softeners involves replacing the calcium and magnesium ions in water with sodium ions. Resolve hard water problems using sodium ions because they do not have the adverse effects that calcium and magnesium ions have. Hard water elements do not react well with soap and form deposits on pipes and appliances.

As water travels through the water softener, ion replacement occurs, with the sodium ions taking the place of the calcium and magnesium ions, which are trapped in a resin bed. Once the water softener’s  sodium ions are depleted, more are created through a process called regeneration. The final step flushes the residual calcium and magnesium from the system.

Water softeners address issues such as:Annapolis water softeners

  • Objectionable taste and odor
  • Rust and mineral discoloration
  • Hard water build-up
  • Soap scale

Water softeners provide benefits such as:

  • Less soap needed for bathing and cleaning
  • Laundry that is cleaner and brighter
  • Longer lasting fixtures and pipes
  • Extended appliance life and improved performance
  • Pure water for cooking and drinking
  • Money-saved on bottled water

Which of the Annapolis water softeners is right for your home?

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